School Profile

Mission Statement
Committed to equity, Arts & Technology Academy teaches 21st century skills, creating global learners for a new tomorrow.

Program Description

ATA is a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Lab School. Students participate in scientific inquiry and project-based learning in all content areas using the design process. Teachers integrate reading, writing, mathematics and science curriculum to support problem solving and critical thinking skills learning about real world challenges. Students’ elective choices include Visual and Performing Arts, Engineering, Design, Robotics, STEM in the Kitchen, Digital Photography, Yearbook, Computer Science, Physical Education, Beginning and Symphonic Band, Jazz Band, Journalism, Current Events, and Medical Forensics. Students’ experiences result in strong academic growth preparing them for high school success and the STEM courses at Churchill High School.

School Highlights

  • We are an inclusive student-centered learning community that focuses on equity and multiculturalism.
  • We are a small school setting where each child is individually known by our staff. Content is integrated across curriculum making natural connections through project–based learning to build 21st Century Skills.
  • We monitor student academic progress and if necessary, provide acceleration through multi-age math instruction or targeted intervention through math and language arts support classes.
  • Opportunities to learn from professionals in STEM fields and the University of Oregon.
  • One to One iPads/ and or computers for students
  • We are an AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) school committed to preparing students for college and career options