If your student is going to be absent or late, please call or email the attendance line directly

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Regular school attendance and punctuality are important.

When a student is absent or running late, we request that the parent/guardian call the 24 hour school attendance line (541-790-5725) or email the school attendance line ( to notify the school of your students absence.

Under Oregon law, an absence is excusable if your student is:

• Sick

• Has a medical appointment

• There is an illness in the family

• Has a planned absence approved by an administrator

• The school Administrator may also excuse a student’s absence for other reasons where satisfactory arrangements are made, and the excuse is deemed excusable


If we do not receive a notification from a parent/guardian, or if the reason for an absence/late is unacceptable, the absence/late may go unexcused.

Oregon law also notes that if a student is absent for 10 consecutive school days regardless if their absence if excused or not, the student will be dropped and will need to reenroll.

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