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Distance Learning for All

Arts & Technology Academy and Eugene School District 4J are moving to Distance Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic as directed by the Oregon Department of Education. This page provides a “one stop shop” for important information for students and parents. Find here resources and links, directives, process and protocols for Distance Learning opportunities and expectations. Distance Learning for All Guidance March 2020 (PDF)

Be sure to check back here often as things are changing quickly as we firm up plans to deliver learning online to your students. Also, be sure to check the “Welcome” page post feeds and “School News” for timely updates and communication from ATA Administration.

Student email access: Students will need to use a web browser for accessing their 4J email. Teachers will be communicating directly with students and parents regarding their classes, timely information, assignments, etc. All communication to students will be through their 4J email accounts. The Mail app on the student assigned iPads does not work outside of the 4J network. Students must launch Safari or Chrome and use their mail through the web browser. 4J Student email link is here: https://stumail.4j.lane.edu/

Zoom Video Conferencing: ATA will be using the Zoom app for instruction, meetings, and office hours. The Zoom app will be on student iPads soon, the app can also be downloaded to home computers, laptops, and smartphones. Students must use their 4J email accounts when setting up their Zoom accounts. Students are expected to follow appropriate Zoom video conferencing etiquette when using this app. Video Conferencing Etiquette HERE.

Distance Learning Class Links (Teacher Online Instructional Google Classroom): ATA teachers will be using Google Classroom to deliver their course curriculum.

Did you forget your Zimbra password?

If you forgot your 4J username and password, then try this!

6th grade password format: Initials capitalized, 2-digit month, 2-digit day, and initials lower case

6th grade Example-  my name is LeBron James born 12-30-1984-LB1230lb

7th grade password format: Initials capitalized, last 4 digits of student ID number, initials lower case

7th grade Example- my name is Adele Adkins born 5-5-1988-AA0505aa

8th grade Kathleen Taylor- taylor_k@4j.lane.edu

If you need additional support with this, then please email:

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