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ATA: Road Construction Alternative

Posted Date: 10/30/23 (1:23 PM)

There was still quite the traffic back up last Friday afternoon and this morning at ATA so I am resending this as it may have gotten lost in the newsletter. If you'd like to avoid the parking lot situation this afternoon, you can text your child after school and direct them to either of the following locations.

Alternative to School drop off this week!

   City construction on West 22nd and 19th continues thru this week.  That means the streets are still closed and Chambers continues to be one  way. For those of you who got caught in the chaos Friday morning and  afternoon, you understand the inconvenience this caused. We'd like to  provide some support for students and parents:
ATA staff will be  in two locations for you to drop off your student and provide  supervision for their walk to the school in the morning and back in the  afternoon. 

If you would like to avoid the traffic jam on  Fillmore, you may drop your student off at (1) either the 18th Avenue  BiMart, next to the bike path (southeast of lot) (2) or at the former  KidSports building on Polk Street. Staff will monitor them as they walk the path to ATA from 8:15 until 8:50 at each location. Additionally, we  will walk students to each location after school dismissal. Families  wanting to take advantage of the afternoon support will want to arrange for students to meet staff at either the playground (to go to Polk) or ATA bus crosswalk(for BiMart) to have staff supervision.

We hope this helps alleviate some stress and saves time for families.